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Transmission and Clutch Replacement

If your vehicle has trouble shifting, gets stuck in certain gears, or refuses to engage gears altogether, you might have something going on in your transmission. It might not necessarily mean replacing your transmission, it could be something simpler like needing a transmission fluid change. But you should get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible if your vehicle is having difficulty shifting.

While we don't do transmission repairs in our shop, we can help you diagnose your transmission issues, and if necessary we can put in a replacement transmission.

Replacement Transmission

There may come a time when you have to decide to replace your vehicle's transmission. Any number of things could be the cause, but when it's time to replace your transmission, you'll want an experienced mechanic you can trust. There is nowhere better to go in the Cedar Rapids area than Big Jim's Automotive! Whether you have your replacement transmission picked out already or need help finding one, we can put a replacement transmission in your car, SUV or truck. Give us a call today!

Don't Ignore the Signs

The transmission is an incredibly important system in your vehicle and is easily the most complex, which means repairs are not to be taken lightly. It also means you should never ignore warning signs. You should have your vehicle examined by a professional as soon as you know of or suspect an issue with your transmission. Some kinds of maintenance may be required, like a transmission fluid flush or change, which should be performed by an experienced mechanic.

The transmission is a key player when it comes to maintaining your vehicle's functionality. When the engine spins, its power is sent through a torque converter which passes it to the transmission. Then, the transmission sends force through the final drive which powers the wheels and makes your vehicle go. Within the transmission itself, are many parts that work together to make all this possible.

Potential Transmission Issues:

  • Low, Burnt, or Dirty Fluid
  • Overheating Transmission
  • Failed Clutch

Low, Burnt, or Dirty Fluid

Transmission fluid is the oil that makes pressure for the transmission to function and lubricates and cools it. You can imagine that if the transmission fluid is low or dirty, the intricate system could experience some malfunction or damage. This fluid is so vital to the transmission, and it can cause any number of negative responses if it's low, burnt, or dirty. A low fluid level usually points to a leak somewhere in the system which may be the result of a bad gasket, seal, or line. If left unchecked, low levels can lead to complications that may compromise your transmission. You can experience shaking, grinding, slipping, overheating, or failure altogether. These might also be signs of a different type of necessary repair.

Overheating Transmission

Heat can be detrimental to your vehicle's transmission. The system can be damaged if the temperature surpasses 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the transmission overheats, you will smell a sweet scent. Again, this can not only cause irreparable damage to your transmission, but it likely points to another issue such as a low fluid level, a leak, or burnt fluid.

If you suspect your transmission is overheating, pull over and let the transmission cool. Next, make sure you bring your car in to have the issue diagnosed as quickly as possible! Also, make sure to maintain your radiator because it cools the transmission.

Failing Clutch

With manual transmissions, also known as a stick shift, the clutch which enables gear shifting can wear out. If your clutch isn't working, your car probably isn't either. Clutch trouble will often show in slipping. This means the vehicle might shift hard or the clutch may be easy to disengage. Some slipping can lead to more, which causes friction and heat, which can burn out the clutch. This would require clutch replacement. Although manual transmissions are less and less common, if you have one and need a mechanic to bring it to, we can help! We'll handle your manual car's clutch replacement and get you back on the road.

Working with a mechanic you can trust is important, especially when it comes to diagnostics or replacement of an intricate system like the transmission. You want a mechanic that explains what needs to be done and shows you the problem, educating you to make the best decision regarding your vehicle's repair. We have not only the experience to handle your transmission but the care to work with you every step of the way. So bring your vehicle over to Big Jim's Automotive!