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Exhaust System & Muffler Repairs

If your car or truck is so loud that everyone can hear you coming down the road, come on over to Big Jim’s Auto to have it checked out. We also do custom exhaust if you’re looking to add a little more noise and power.

A vehicle’s exhaust system has more effects than just muffling the noise the engine creates. It also has a role in making sure the engine functions properly, which is why it’s important to pay attention to changes in the sound of your exhaust and your vehicle overall. While newer exhaust systems made of stainless steel don’t face the rust issues of older vehicles, problems with the exhaust can still affect performance and cause a ton of racket.

Signs of Exhaust Issues:

  • Sluggish Acceleration
  • Reduced Fuel Economy
  • Stalling
  • Loud Rumbling
  • Engine Misfires

Clogged or Leaking Exhaust
The gases created during fuel consumption need to exit your vehicle. It also helps balance the pressure needed for the engine to function. If the exhaust system isn’t doing its job properly, whether due to a leak or a clog in the system of pipes and other parts, the engine may have to work harder to expel the gas. If you’re noticing sluggishness, any strange smells in the vehicle’s cabin, or a reduction in fuel economy, exhaust just may be the culprit. This could cause other parts within the system to become damaged or fail, as well.

Exhaust Manifold
The process of converting fuel to power in the engine creates exhaust, which has to exit the system. The exhaust manifold sits on the engine and helps funnel the gases to the exhaust system and out the tailpipe. If this manifold has any gasket leaks or a crack, this can cause decreased fuel efficiency, increased engine noise, or weak acceleration. A leak can also cause nearby parts to be exposed to high amounts of heat which may result in a burning smell.

Catalytic Converter
When your engine does its job, it creates exhaust which contains a lot of pollutants. This is where the catalytic converter comes in and reduces emissions before they exit your tailpipe out into the world. If this portion of your exhaust system fails you will know because it will be loud. A cracked or clogged catalytic converter can cause reduced engine function. Your vehicle may seem sluggish upon acceleration or you might notice a reduction in fuel economy. If you suspect an issue with your catalytic converter, stop on over to Big Jim’s and we’ll give it a look.

Custom Exhaust
Who doesn’t want a little more get up when they step on the gas? You may be looking to add extra power under the hood of your vehicle by way of a custom exhaust system, and we can help. Swapping existing exhaust parts for performance-enhanced polished surface parts can boost your system’s ability to keep air moving and your engine’s overall power. If you’re looking to give your engine’s output an upgrade, at Big Jim’s we can help you kick it up a notch with custom exhaust.

Whatever your concern or desire when it comes to exhaust, our mechanics at Big Jim’s will treat your vehicle like it’s their own. We will walk you through what we find when we look at your exhaust, and then we’ll give you options for a solution.