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Cooling System Repair

Your cooling system has a vital job in your vehicle, and that's to keep the engine from overheating. If your vehicle's engine temperature gets too high and it overheats, there's likely an issue with your cooling system, sometimes referred to as a radiator. Best to pull over to let it cool down, and give Big Jim's a call.

There are several types of car radiator repair that may be necessary, from radiator flush to replacement. When you come to us, we'll find the root cause of the issue and help you keep your engine cool!

Potential Cooling System Problems

  • Coolant Leak
  • Coolant Mixture
  • Dirty Coolant
  • Thermostat

Coolant Leak
If the engine is overheating and your coolant level is low, it's likely that your cooling system has a leak. You might even notice the leak on your driveway or anywhere you park, or it might leak while you're driving. Newer radiators often have plastic caps, and if the cap cracks, this will cause a leak. At Big Jim's, one of our mechanics can test the radiator for a leak by doing a pressure test with colored dye.

Coolant Mixture
This system's coolant is made up of a mixture of water or antifreeze and coolant. The coolant is vital to keeping the engine from overheating, so if you notice this happening, it might be the coolant mixture. Depending on your car, the radiator coolant may be housed near other fluid such as the transmission, in this case, a radiator failure could cause the wrong fluids to mix. Certain makes require a specific ratio, but at Big Jim's we take them all! We even specialize in European models such as Volkswagen and BMW.

Dirty Coolant
If your cooling system or engine have any internal rust, it may flake off into the fluid and cause a sludge to begin to form. This sludge can prevent the coolant from flowing freely and doing its job to cool the engine. A coolant flush will relieve the system from this grime and prevent further damage to your engine. However, it's best to also find the source of the rust and prevent contamination of the new coolant.

Attached to the engine is a thermostat that's attached to a gauge on your dashboard. If the coolant in the engine is too hot, the gauge will show it, and it's a good idea to turn the car off and let the engine cool down. You may suspect you have a problem with your cooling system due to overheating, but it may be your engine's thermostat. If the temperature gets stuck in one place without changing, the thermostat might be faulty. This is important to ensuring your engine remains within a safe temperature.

When you come to Big Jim's for car cooling system repair, you can be sure the service you get will be honest and fair. We will get to the bottom of whatever the problem is you're having with your car or truck. We want you to be informed so you can make the best decision, so we'll make sure you understand what we've found and what we want to do. We treat every car like it's our own.

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