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Car AC Repairs & Heater Repairs

In Iowa's climate, your car's air conditioner and heater are necessities! There’s nothing worse than getting into your car on a hot summer day and your air conditioner blower doesn't put out cold air. It's equally bad getting in your car on a frigid winter night and your car heater doesn't blow out warm air! Having AC and car heater problems are more than an annoyance, these problems can make driving your car miserable. When you can bring your vehicle to Big Jim’s Automotive, we’ll get it back to a comfortable temperature.

Here are some typical problems and issues with car ACs and car heaters:

Interior Fan Failure

The two systems that affect your car’s interior temperature have different reasons they may fail. They both share the same fan, so your heater or air conditioner may be working properly but the air isn’t actually getting to the cabin. This would be the result of the fan not working which could be due to a bad fuse or the switch. We’ll examine it and get air flowing for you again.

Car Heater Doesn't Work?

Winter can be brutal in the Midwest, so you don’t want to go long without your car heater working in your vehicle. There are a variety of reasons your heater might not work properly:

  • Clogged Heater Core
  • Broken Heater Core
  • Thermostat

Clogged Heater Core

There is a piece connected to your radiator that creates the heat for your cabin when it’s cold out. Sometimes these small box-like parts can get clogged and malfunction. This can cause you to not get heat and can cause your cabin to fog up. The good news is a clogged heater core can be flushed by a mechanic.

Broken Heater Core

Sometimes it goes beyond a simple clog, and the heater core may be cracked or blown altogether. Signs of this type of failure might be a strong sweet smell in the cabin or around your car from the radiator fluid leaking. You might also notice your engine overheats but the heat still doesn’t work inside the car. If your heater core has cracked or blown, it needs to be replaced by a professional.


Near your engine is a thermostat that gauges the temperature of the engine to help determine when coolant is needed. When the engine gets hot, the thermostat signals a valve to open allowing coolant to flow. If the valve gets stuck open, your vehicle might not produce the heat necessary to keep the cabin warm. Again, if your engine is warm or hot but you can’t your car's get heater to work, this thermostat may be the culprit.

Can't Get Cold Air?

If you don’t have a working air conditioner on hot summer days it can make you miserable! When your air conditioner isn’t putting out that ice cold chill you’re used to, most likely you need an AC recharge. If the refrigerant is low, you may have a leak that should be repaired so that your AC system is not damaged.

At Big Jim’s Automotive, we don’t want our cars chilly in the winter or boiling hot in the summer, so we’ll make sure yours isn’t either. The second you notice your vents aren't working properly, contact us to schedule an appointment to bring it on by.