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New Tires: Tire Mount and Balance

Most people don't think about the tires on their car, but your tires effect how your car performs. The type of tires you have on your vehicle and your tires' condition are an important part of how well your car drives and performs on the road. If your tires are wearing or need repair – don't wait!

If it's time for new tires, swing over to Big Jim's Automotive with tires you've purchased, or have us find the right tires for your vehicle for you! It's important to make sure your tires have the proper tread to keep you safely on the road and hugging the turns– especially in our climate with a variety of seasons and weather.

Why Should You Replace Your Tires Regularly?

Like so many other parts of your vehicle, your tires play a crucial role in your safety and the overall function of your vehicle. The tread on your tires provides the grip to the road's surface. If that surface is covered in water or snow, without proper grip, your vehicle can hydroplane or cause you to lose control. Also, like many other parts of your vehicle, tires just wear out over time which makes them a maintenance item. Sometimes if your wheels are out of alignment, it can cause uneven wear on the tires which can be cause for replacement, too.

Mounting and Balancing

When you've got your new tires ready to be put on your wheels, it's best to visit a professional who has the right equipment to properly mount the tires. As a part of this process, once the tires are mounted on the wheels and properly inflated, the tires should be balanced. This process involves finding the heavy spots and adding weights to the wheels to help balance the weight of the wheel. Balancing helps reduce vibration and uneven, premature wear.

When you need new tires, it's important to take your vehicle to someone you can trust. At Big Jim's Automotive in Cedar Rapids, we have the equipment, experience, and care to do right by you and your vehicle. So, whether you're due for two new tires or four, roll on into Big Jim's Automotive. We'll mount your tires and balance them to get you back to safe driving.