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Timing Belt Replacements

If you need your timing belt or timing chain replaced, Big Jim's Automotive is the place to go. We have the best mechanics in the Cedar Rapids area and are committed to the highest standard of customer care to ensure industry leading service.

When To Replace Timing Belt or Chain?
Most likely at some point, you will need to get your timing belt changed. Most vehicles, but not all, require that the timing belt is replaced at 100,000 miles or somewhere in the neighborhood. Some cars never require a new timing belt and have timing chains instead. Timing chains can be noisier and can still break or stretch. Your owner's manual will show when the timing belt needs to be changed. The trick is to change it before it becomes a problem. Most cars have complex internal systems that have to work in perfect harmony together and when the belt breaks it is no longer in perfect synchrony and the internal parts of the engine are destroyed It happens fast and without warning. Some people in the industry call it a "grenade." The engine simply breaks apart on the inside, and you end up shopping for a new car or a new engine. Jim would tell you that a timing belt is much cheaper than a new car or new engine.

While You're At It…
While we are changing your timing belt, there is another item that runs on this belt and is much easier to get to when we have the car pulled apart – your water pump! It's a good idea to get your water pump changed at the same time. Like all items in your vehicle, it too will go bad, and we have the perfect opportunity to replace the water pump at the same time as a timing belt or chain. This could save you serious cash if you planned on doing both anyway. In fact, they're most commonly done together, because to do your pump we have to do almost the same work as changing the timing belt. This is not the case for all vehicles but many, if not most, are set up this way.

At Big Jim's we have replaced more timing belts and timing chains than we can count. Water pumps, too! If your car is in need of a new timing belt or timing chain and water pump, give us call or request a quote, and we can get you in right away.