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Oil Changes

At Big Jim’s we can change the oil on just about any type of vehicle. We use synthetic oil, conventional oil and a blend of oils. Synthetic oil is recommended for most cars and will keep your engine running longer and smoother. We recommend that you change your oil every 3,500 miles for conventional oil and every 5,000 miles for synthetic or a synthetic blend of oil. Some newer cars are recommending 10,000 mile intervals between oil changes. While that is certainly cheaper and less of a hassle, we do like to think of what Big Jim says about oil changes:

“Oil is Cheap, repairs are expensive.” - Jim

Changing your oil is critical
Changing the oil in your car is the most important maintenance you can have performed on your vehicle. The moving parts inside of an engine generate heat and heat is the enemy of just about every part of the engine. The oil inside your engine helps keep heat away by eliminating much of the friction between the moving parts of the engine. Many turbocharged engines use the oil in your engine to lubricate and cool the turbo. Turbo’s can fail from getting too hot or not being lubricated, and turbos not only make your car fun to drive but also cost A LOT to replace so if you have a turbocharged car be sure to get your oil charged regularly and use a high quality synthetic oil. Synthetic oil works better in high temperature environments that a turbo creates and also works great with aluminum block engines.

Oil Filters: At Big Jim’s Automotive we use only the best oil and the best filters. Most people don’t consider the quality of the oil filter and sometimes get stuck with something cheap rather than effective. Oil filters keep the oil fresh and filter the particulates out of the oil to keep it’s ability to lubricate the engine longer. We do not use low quality generic filters, and can still get you a competitive price on your oil change right here in Cedar Rapids.

Oil Light: If your oil light is on it’s likely that your oil level is low. This is not always the case, however. An oil light can indicate other problems like a bad oil pump or a clogged oil filter. If your oil light is on it’s sometimes accompanied by a beeping sound. You should immediately get to a safe place, turn off your engine, and check the oil level. If your oil level is in the right range, reads normal on the diptsick, but your oil light is still on, you should have your car towed into Big Jim's Automotive. We will need to run an oil pressure test and get down to the bottom of why your oil pressure sensor has been triggered. Hopefully the sensor is bad and no the pump. Luckily we have the tools and knowhow to find the problem and provide the most affordable solution.

While you're here - Air Filter and Cabin FIlter
If you want to keep your car running in tip-top shape for a long time be sure to change your oil on a regular basis. We also recommend you change your air filter every other oil change and your cabin air filter at least once a year, if not more. At Big Jim’s Automotive we can help you decide which oil is the best for your car to keep it running smoothly for a long time. We’ll even top off your other fluids while you’re here. Give us a call, request a quote or swing by the shop to get your oil changed at Big Jim’s today!