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Fuel Injection Cleaning

You might not think much of your fuel injectors and certainly not as being a part of regular maintenance, but they are! Your vehicle might start to feel sluggish, but you might not even notice it's gradual decline in performance. Sounds like a job for Big Jim's!

Why Have a Mechanic Clean Your Fuel Injectors?
It's not as easy as pouring a little bottle of cleaner into your gas tank – which in addition to being diluted in the gas, it only does so much. When we clean your fuel injectors, we really get our hands dirty and make sure the job is done right. If you neglect your fuel injectors and end up needing to replace them, it's not a small cost. That's why we consider this a maintenance item, and you may prevent further issues from coming up in the future and costing you big time.

Why Do Fuel Injectors Get So Dirty?
The job of the fuel injectors is just like it sounds, to push fuel into the engine as a part of the combustion process. This process can leave behind a lot of debris which clogs up the fuel injectors, preventing them from being able to do their job and to do so efficiently. When you turn your car off, the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber settles on the surfaces which can cause clogging on the fuel injectors. Sometimes it's just a matter of time, as corrosion in the vehicle's fuel system can cause clogs in the injectors as well.

When To Have Injectors Cleaned
There are many cases that might lead your mechanic to suggest cleaning your fuel injectors. Often cleaning them can be a part of trying to determine why your acceleration is sluggish or why the engine is experiencing misfires. It might be a subtle issue that the average car owner won't even notice, but if you're feeling held up when you press your foot to the floor, it may be dirty fuel injectors.

How Do We Do Clean?
The most effective method to cleaning a vehicle's fuel injection components is to remove them and clean them thoroughly with an appropriate solution. Once all the grime is clear, we can also make sure the injectors haven't been neglected so long that they're damaged. This way if any of them are no longer functioning, we can replace them.

At Big Jim's, we don't recommend something unless it's what we would do for our own vehicle. If you're noticing a reduction in performance, fuel injection cleaning might be just what your car needs to get back its pep when you step! Stop on over to Big Jim's today, and we'll get to the bottom of what's holding your vehicle back.