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Differential Service & Transfer Case

Depending on whether your vehicle is front, rear, four, or all wheel drive, there are components in the axle that help with wheel stability and can eventually need maintenance or repair. In rear wheel drive vehicles, like many trucks, the differential can experience wear and require maintenance.

Your vehicle's differential has an integral job because it helps you smoothly take corners and curves, which is also a tough job. This is the part that enables the wheels to go at the different speeds required when you do make a turn. Naturally, that makes it a part that, because it endures a lot, can wear out and require replacement, so it's smart to maintain it.

Maintaining your vehicle's differential can make all the difference because while the parts are made to endure, they require lubrication to function well and keep temperatures low. Bringing your vehicle into Big Jim's for differential servicing can help extend the part's life and save you in the long run! We can remove and replace the oil, as well as inspect the differential.

Transfer Case
Similar to a differential, a transfer case helps balance the amount of power throughout the four wheels of a vehicle – this is why it's found on four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. The transfer case is a gear system that helps shift power from one axle to the other. This system also requires lubricant to function properly, and maintaining it can prevent a future breakdown of the system. If you're noticing your vehicle has difficulty or inability to change gears, among other things, this may be a signal that your transfer case fluid needs to be checked and likely replaced.

You might experience something in driving that brings you to us, or you might not, but it's vital maintenance to keep up with! Both differentials and transfer cases are quite important to the safety and function of your wheel and axle system, so it's important to have these checked by a mechanic about every 30,000 miles. Stop on into Big Jim's and tell us your concerns about your vehicle. We'll handle it as if it were our own and take good care of you, doing all we can to prevent costly repairs in the future.