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Coolant and Transmission Flushes

Among the various fluids that keep your vehicle's parts moving smoothly and reliably, transmission fluid and coolant are two types that eventually need to be flushed. These fluids can become dirty over time as a normal part of doing their job. Bring your car into Big Jim's for a coolant flush or transmission flush! Not only is this a good way to help maintain these systems, but it can help you spot issues such as leaks before they become detrimental.

When to Have a Transmission Fluid Flush
Most people know that an oil change is crucial to the life of your vehicle's engine, but not everyone knows how important a transmission fluid flush can be to the transmission! Transmission fluid serves two purposes: to cool and lubricate the transmission. Because it's circulating through a maze of metal, over time transmission fluid can become contaminated which is why a flush and change can make all the difference. Some newer vehicles are made such that they do not require this type of fluid flush, so it's best to check your owner's manual or ask when you're in our shop for your other mileage maintenance.

Reasons to Change Your Coolant
While having the coolant changed is a part of mileage maintenance, there might be signs it needs to be done. Some are obvious signs such as the engine overheating, or the coolant light on your vehicle's dash is illuminated. Perhaps you purchased the car not knowing about the proper coolant mixture, or it had never been changed before and is dirty. Maybe you've owned your vehicle for 40,000 miles or more and have never had your coolant checked. These are all valid reasons to stop in and talk with us about having your coolant flushed. We'll give you our honest opinion, and get your vehicle cooling safely.

Coolant Mixture
The fluid in your vehicle's cooling system is a mixture of water or antifreeze and coolant. This mix is crucial for keeping the engine from overheating. If you're experiencing frequent overheating, it might be due to the coolant mixture. In some cars, the cooling system's coolant may be housed near other fluid such as the transmission, sharing a wall, in this case, a cooling system failure could cause a mixture of the wrong fluids. Some vehicle makes require a specific ratio, and at Big Jim's we work on them all! We specialize in working on European models such as Volkswagen and BMW.

Dirty Coolant
If your cooling system or engine have any internal rust, it may flake off into the fluid and cause a sludge to begin to form. This sludge can prevent the coolant from flowing freely and doing its job to cool the engine. A coolant flush will relieve the system from this grime and prevent further damage to your engine. However, it's best to also find the source of the rust and prevent contamination of the new coolant.