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Check Engine Diagnostics

When that fateful light on the dash pops on it can be alarming, but it doesn’t have to be. The check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons, thankfully if you swing into Big Jim’s we offer check engine services and auto diagnostics. We’ll help you solve the mystery of the dash light.

When the light goes on, your vehicle’s computer system sends up a code like a flag, pointing out where the issue is in the vehicle. The check engine light can also put the car into what’s called limp mode, sort of like a computer might go into safe mode. Limp mode will not allow the vehicle to engage higher gears or speeds, protecting the engine and other systems from damage. In the event of seeing your check engine light, all you have to do is limp your car on over to us and we’ll check the code.

Some folks avoid heading to a mechanic, hoping the light will go off, or they have it read at a parts store. Although the codes point to where the issue is, an understanding of the car’s many complex systems helps actually narrow down the problem. It’s best to bring the vehicle to a mechanic.

More often than not, the check engine light points to some sort of problem with emissions, from air intake, exhaust, or engine spark. These are all important parts not only when it comes to emissions but fuel efficiency and engine health. The check engine light could come on with a code signaling a simple repair but it could also be quite vague, which would require diagnostics by an experienced mechanic.

Your vehicle contains several complex systems that work together to make your car function. Don’t ignore the warning signs it gives you. Instead, take it to someone you can trust to diagnose the issue, explain it with honesty and clarity, and make the repair so you can get back on the road.