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AC Recharge

There is nothing more frustrating than a hot day and no AC in your car. Add in the humidity we get here in Cedar Rapids and you have the makings for a bad day if your car’s air conditioning system doesn’t work, or if it’s just not getting as cold as it did in previous years.

My Air Conditioning isn't working!
At Big Jim’s we can help you get your air conditioning running strong again and keep you cool. The good news is your air conditioning system is most likely just low on refrigerant and needs to be recharged. All AC systems leak over time and recharging the AC system is quite common. At big Jim’s we can quickly get your air conditioning system recharged and cool once again!

DIY A/C Recharging? Should I do it?
Some people choose to do it themselves to save money. This is also common, but can be risky. Overcharging the system can cause permanent damage, and not taking into account the ambient air temperature can affect the amount of refrigerant you add into the system. It is possible that the air conditioning system is damaged and not just low on refrigerant. At Big Jim’s we will have no problem diagnosing the issue with your lackluster AC system.

If you aren’t confident with recharging your vehicle’s AC system, or simply don’t have time to tackle the project on your own, just give us a call or swing by Big Jim’s, and we can help you get your AC working up to par again.