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Auto Repair Services

Cars are complicated. Engines, transmissions, exhaust, and the like are webs of metal parts that function in synchronized motion that creates motion to propel you forward. Such complex systems require expertise you can rely on from someone you can trust. That’s why people come to Big Jim’s! With over 30 years in the industry, you can rest assured that we can handle whatever is going on with your vehicle and we’ll do so with honesty.

We do it all, everything under the hood...

Strange noises, smells, or movements are often a sign that something in your vehicle isn’t functioning the way it should. Figuring out what’s causing any of those signs is no small feat. Some symptoms might point to more than one area of your car, so narrowing it down takes expertise. Then, a good mechanic determines not only what the best course of action is for the repair, but any surrounding parts that may be affected, as well as whether replacement might be necessary over repair.

While some people believe mechanics aren’t telling the whole truth, transparency is the way at Big Jim’s. We’ll tell you what we’ve found upon examining your vehicle. Even if you drop off your car, we can send you a photo or video of the issue. We want our customers to be informed so they can make the best decision regarding their vehicle repairs. That’s the service you get when you come to Big Jim’s. We treat everyone equally and believe in honesty.

Our clientele can speak for our service at Big Jim’s:

" I make it a rule to never trust a mechanic. Jim & Sarge have earned my trust. We have given them repeated business over the years and we will continue to go back. The work they do is top notch. Jim ALWAYS stands by his work and charges a fair price. Big Jim's is the exception to the rule!! "

Jacob (Cedar Rapids, IA)

" My first experience at a Big Jim's was pulling in with a flat tire and needing help. He got me in immediately which was nice considering I had an appointment in 45mins. I was out of there in about 8-10 minutes. Tire patched up and on the road. I was very grateful and happy with the fast service !!! Thanks again !!! "

Jennifer Dvorak

" Brought my truck in yesterday not knowing just how big a problem I had. Already fixed with approximately 7 hours labor. Quick, friendly, and helpful. Thank you Vanessa and Sarg. "

Lora Holland-McArtor