The best service providers create comprehensive solutions. Big Jim’s isn’t new to the world of auto repair and maintenance. We’ve seen it all, and we’re ready to provide the services you need. Whether it’s a big repair, a small touch-up or ongoing maintenance, our technicians are outfitted to help. From under the hood to AC replacement, we’ve got you covered. Below are our big-time services—the ones you need—to keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape.


1.      Engine Repair
Your car’s engine is one of its most complex components. It has a slew of moving parts, and it needs regular maintenance to stay functional. Our technicians have over 30 years of experience, and each is strapped with the tools needed to provide spark plug, fuel injector, camshaft, crankshaft, and oil pump maintenance. No matter the complexity, we’re ready to handle it.

2.      Car AC and Heater Repairs
It gets hot, really hot. Here at Big Jim’s, we believe your AC unit and heater need to be inspected often. Let us change out bad fuses, fix the switch, and get your air flowing again. If you’re struggling with the heater, let us take care of clogged and broken heater cores, or, let us double-check your thermostat to keep things nice, cool, and collected.

3.      Tire Rotation
The small touch-ups count. Big Jim’s is great at tire rotations, and we’ll keep your wheels from wearing down. Let our technicians switch them from left to right, and from front to back. We’ll target any alignment issues, neutralizing them before they’re a problem. At Big Jim’s, we work quickly. Expect a speedy service, every time.

4.      Oil Changes
As for your oil, we think you deserve our recommended services. Your vehicle’s oil is its lifeblood. We follow all manufacturer guidelines, giving our own special touch during each service tune-up. Our technicians bleed your system’s oil quickly, replacing it alongside the oil filter. Make sure you’re getting your oil changed regularly, and let us handle the details.

5.      Brake Repair
Don’t forfeit your ride’s safety. If you’re experiencing squealing, vibrations, or strange noises, you need brake repair. Let our technicians check your brake rotors, pads, shoes, and drum brakes. Our team is ready to handle any situation, and we have the tools needed to meet any car’s needs.


Contact Big Jim’s Auto today by giving us a call at 319-261-0999, and select the best services available. During every checkup, we target potential problems. We don’t leave anything to chance, so let us take it from here.