When it comes to classic cars, we’ve got you covered. At Big Jim’s, no fix is too big—and no car is too old. We’re family-owned, and we respect the need for in-depth vehicle care. Committed to the highest standards around, and a personal lover of classic car collections, Big Jim’s has the expertise needed to maintain your vehicle’s glory days.


The Big Jim’s Approach

We won’t lie: We’re one of the best classic car maintenance and repair service providers around. If you’ve winterized and stored your classic vehicle for the off-season, you might not have many maintenance needs. Still, you should get your ride checked. Big Jim’s uses a powerhouse arsenal to care for classic vehicles, and we’re well-versed in the art of collector car care.


Each Big Jim’s technician uses a variety of tools to protect your car, from crevice tool vacuum cleaners to cotton-tipped swabs. We used microfiber cloths, gentle upholstery shampoos, and high-end classic car wash solutions to secure your vehicle’s finer aspects. Meanwhile, our auto team does the dirty work first. We understand the need for careful oil changes, carburetor adjustments, and spot detailing. We won’t leave you hanging.


Under the Hood

A classic car’s engine area is precious. Even if you’re storing your vehicle safely, time can deteriorate previously pristine mechanics. Big Jim’s mechanics have a wide inventory of belts and hoses, and we can deal with engine and air filter cleanings on the spot. All surfaces are polished to a shine, and all whitewalls are scrubbed.


In the Cabin

As for your car’s interior, we take the liberty of handling dash, armrest, and console cleaning. Again, all surfaces are polished. Upholstery is shampooed, pockets are dusted, and crevices are reached. We clear the trunk, vacuum all areas and condition any tough areas. Don’t worry: We won’t let any surface go untouched. We love vintage cars and we believe every vehicle can re-reach its crowning glory. Your ride’s lustrous gleam isn’t gone and we’ll prove it.


At Big Jim’s, we use a rating scale to determine your vehicle’s service “ingredients.” First, we judge the paint’s condition. We check for oxidation, primarily. Then, we remove any contaminants to get down to the nitty gritty. Once we’ve polished, we protect the ride with synthetic sealants. As for the mechanics, well, we use all-natural materials to ensure surface integrity while ensuring high operational ability.


Check out Big Jim’s today, and let us show you why we’re the best in the business. Our services are expansive, and we’re always ready to jump start your ride—even if it’s a classic. Give us a call today at 319-261-0999 or contact us online!