Whether you need an oil change or tires rotated, you can get fast, friendly, family-oriented service at Big Jim's Auto. Big Jim's Auto provides complete auto service and repairs in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. With an expert team of professionals, Big Jim's prides itself on the quality and affordability of their services.

Checking and Replacing Fluids

Antifreeze, coolant, wiper fluid, power steering, and oil all need to be changed on a regular basis -- with your oil change probably being the thing that you're most concerned about. During routine maintenance, technicians at Big Jim's Auto will check all of your fluid levels, replacing fluids as needed. If there's a leak or some other issue with your car, Big Jim's Auto will also be able to diagnose these problems before they become worse. Some leaks may simply be a nuisance, while others (such as steering fluids) can actually be dangerous.

Get Your Tires Rotated

Rotating your tires is important if you want to get as much life as possible from each one. Tire rotation ensures that each of your tires wears evenly over time, so you can replace all your tires at once rather than having to buy a fresh set each time some of them have been damaged. In addition to tire rotation, you can also get your tires replaced, checked, and even repaired as needed. 

Check (or Replace) Your Car's Battery

If your car's engine is failing to start, then there's a problem with your car battery. This is a fairly frequent problem; not only can car batteries go bad over time, but they can also be damaged if they are depleted too often. A car's battery is fast and simple to replace, but it might not need to be. Big Jim's Auto can test your battery to ensure that it's the problem, and can clean the contacts if the battery itself has not yet gone bad.

Maintain Your Filters and Heating and Cooling System

Many people forget that they need to change their car's air filters and regularly check their cooling and heating system. Maintaining a car's air conditioner and heating doesn't just make a car more comfortable -- it can also drastically improve the amount of mileage a car gets, as the heating and cooling system is a significant drain.

Big Jim's Auto can perform anything from routine maintenance on a domestic vehicle to more advanced repairs on international imports. Contact Big Jim's Automotive today to schedule a check-in or a tune-up!