Today’s car is a blend of computers and mechanical equipment. Repairing your car when it breaks down takes modern diagnostic equipment to interface with the computers in your car. Good diagnostic equipment shows the mechanic exactly what is wrong. Big Jim’s Automotive knows having proper diagnostic equipment helps with fast and accurate repair of your car.


Expert Computer Diagnostic Auto Services

Cars manufactured since the late 1980’s all have some type of computer board involved in the operation of the vehicle. Using expert computer diagnostics gets the mechanic straight to the problem, but not all repair shops use modern diagnostic techniques and equipment. When a technician uses equipment to diagnose your car, they must take training on how to use the equipment. Look for shops that provide auto repair from certified technicians.


Warning Lights and Modern Diagnostics

If you have driven for any amount of time, you know that red warning lights in your vehicle mean something major is wrong, and amber warning lights mean you need to check something. Your car’s computer triggers these warning lights when a fault occurs. The only way to truly know what a specific fault means is to connect your car to diagnostic equipment as part of the repair. This gives a much smaller range of possible problems to diagnose and ultimately is more cost effective time-wise in the repair of your car.


Brains of Auto Repair and Car Maintenance

We call the computer, or brain, of your car the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). This computer system monitors your car’s operation. When a signal occurs that falls outside the range of normal operation, it stores a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) about the operational event. The PCM can also track time since last maintenance item, like an oil change, and notify the owner when to perform the maintenance. A service technician uses DTC’s to begin the diagnosis of the problem. No longer do you have to describe a “funny sound” in your car, the PCM records a DTC to tell the technician what is wrong with your car.


Should You Pay for Diagnostics?

When modern diagnostics for cars began, many shops wanted to charge for the service. Now it is common practice to provide free diagnostics for your vehicle as part of the repair. Look for an auto service shop that provides modern diagnostics as part of your repair without an extra charge. You should expect modern diagnostics by certified technicians as part of the repair.


Auto Services in Cedar Rapids

Big Jim’s Automotive is proud to provide professional modern day diagnostics as an integral part of repair services for your vehicle. Our technicians have training and certifications on the latest diagnostic equipment. We perform your auto repair quickly and accurately. For more information, give us a call at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.