Maybe you’ve been in a car accident, or maybe the car just doesn’t feel like it’s running the way it should. Suspension issues are difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can be confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the industry. You may ask yourself: “Do I need brake repair, or did I just missed my regular car maintenance at Big Jim’s Automotive?”


Suspension issues can sneak up on you. They start as a slight lean to the left or right and next thing you know, you need a towing service. New suspension may also be needed because of a car accident. Here are five of the most common signs you need a new suspension:


1. Pulling to One Side While Driving

This is one of the most common signs for suspension problems. But also for a lot of other car problems. Pulling to one side might be because you need a new vehicle alignment, or you drove into a pothole, or the tires are wearing off. A mechanic can let you know what the problem might be.


2. Feeling Bumps and Ridges on the Road

This is a tough sign to follow as well because, sometimes, roads are truly bumpy and ridged. But if every time you ride, the car feels bumpy, then it’s time for a new suspension. There also may be a need for a bounce test. Big Jim’s Automotive has qualified professionals to help you diagnose the problem.


3. One of the Corners of the Car Is Sitting Low

When your car is on level ground but one of the corners is sitting lower than the others, you probably have a suspension problem. This can happen after a minor accident as well. Slight cosmetic damage does not necessarily rule out problems underneath such as: misalignment, springs popped, etc., so if your car is sitting low, get it checked out.


4. Tire Is Wearing Off Unevenly

A side of a car sitting lower than the rest of the corners may not be visible to the naked eye, so be sure to inspect your tires for signs of uneven treads. Uneven sitting will also cause your tires to wear off faster, which will lead to costly tire repairs. If you don’t know exactly how to check the tire treads, ask your mechanic to look at them next time you take your car in for car maintenance.


5. A Weird Noise When Turning or Going Over Bumps

How does suspension work for a better driving experience? There are springs attached to your car or truck frame that are absorbing the shock of bumps and rough rides. These springs wear off over time or when you’re in a collision. The suspension will no longer absorb the shock appropriately and cause squeaky or rusty hinge-like noises.


Suspension Services at Big Jim’s Automotive

The roads in Iowa can wear on your suspension and create unsafe driving conditions. Bring your car into Big Jim’s Automotive if you experience any of the five indications of suspension trouble. To schedule auto services for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to call us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.