As spring approaches you, like many other American will be hitting the road for spring and summer vacations. But is your car ready for the trip? Big Jim's Automotive can keep your car from breaking down on the road with a point-by-point inspection and maintenance service. Drop by or schedule an appointment and one of our ASE-certified car mechanics can get your car in tip-top shape. Below are some of the service we provide to get your vehicle ready for the road.


Oil Change

Other than gasoline, oil is the essential fluid in your vehicle. Without it, your engine wouldn't make it twenty miles down the road. Our automotive professionals can match the right kind of oil for your to give it maximum performance.



You should never go on an extended trip with worn tires. Tires should have sufficient tread and be free from any damage on the sides. We can change out your tires and put brand new ones on the vehicle so that you stay safe on the road.



Although there is a slight difference between antifreeze and coolant, we recommend the later for longer trips in warmer weather. With plenty of coolant in your radiator, the engine is less likely to overheat.


Brake Fluid

As you can, fluids are essential for the operation of a vehicle. Brake fluid keeps the brakes from getting too hot and wearing down too quickly. If you pump the brakes, but they seem weak, it could be a leak in the brake line. We can check the fluid levels in your brake line.


Brake Pads

Brake pads wear away with use, becoming too thin to work effectively. You'll know if your car has worn out pads when you start hearing the squealing or screeching. If your brakes go from screeching to scraping, you shouldn't take the car on an extended trip until you change out the pads or the rotors.


Air & Liquid Filters

Air filters prevent dust, debris, and bugs from getting into your car's engine or the interior. When the filters get dirty, they become part of the problem. Therefore, we should check all air and liquid filters in your car and change them out as necessary. You'll be amazed at how well your car's performance improves.


All Lights

Headlights, rear lights, interior lights, dash lights - if any light bulb is out or missing in your car, we can replace it with a bright new bulb. As with Iowa, most states will penalize you with a fine if you don't have the proper lights on the front, side, or rear of the vehicle. Play it safe by having us install them before you head out of town.


Get Your Car Road Ready with Big Jim's Automotive

With vacation season right around the corner, you can't afford to take your family out of town in a less-than-ideal vehicle. Therefore, we recommend a complete car inspection and maintenance from Big Jim's Automotive. We offer comprehensive service on all types of vehicles in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Whether you're going across town or going across the country, you can depend on us for fast, dependable service and affordable rates. To schedule service, contact us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.