Even if you're not driving in Talladega next week, you can still make some affordable and easy upgrades to your car to boost its performance. Big Jim's Automotive can help you raise the bar of your car's performance with ongoing preventative maintenance and repair as well as some of the upgrades we recommend below. If you have any questions, you can contact us or visit our service center in Cedar Rapids.


1. Purge the Weight

If your car's trunk is loaded down, and there's a bunch of stuff in the backseat, your car's engine, torque, transmission, and everything else is affected by it. It's time for you to lighten up. Although this isn't technically an upgrade, it will feel like it.


2. Use Better Oil

When you bring your car into our service center for an oil change, you can ask us what type of oil is best for your car. We can make recommendations based on oil brand and manufacturer specifications. Using better oil will make your engine perform much better in the long run. Note: Make sure to stay on schedule when it comes to changing your oil.


3. Polyurethane Bushings

If you want to feel a real difference in how well your car handles, then replace the old rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings installed on the shifter linkage, suspension, A-arms, and caster rods, as well as the sway bars. You can also replace the old bushings in your engine and transmission - wherever you use bushings. Your car will handle with tightness and agility. You'll notice the difference.


4. Spark Plugs and Filters

While the bushings are a more advanced upgrade, this one is level-one standard maintenance. New spark plugs breathe life into an engine's combustion chamber, and the filters keep the gunk from clogging up the lines. We can also give your car a full tune-up to stimulate top performance.


5. Purchase Quality Tires and Keep Them Aired Up

The tires are your only contact with the ground beneath. Considering what you'll put them through over the next year, we recommend installing high-quality tires. Bring them to our service center every three thousand miles, and we'll inspect them and keep them aired up.


Pro Auto Services from Big Jim's Automotive

Regardless of what upgrades you give your vehicle, bring it to Big Jim's Automotive for ongoing preventative maintenance and car. We specialize in engine repair, brake repair, auto AC repair, and standard maintenance for all types of personal and commercial vehicles. To schedule service, visit our Cedar Rapids, Iowa location. You can also contact us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.