Now that winter is almost over; it’s time to give your car a thorough inspection and maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. The time and money you spend on preventative maintenance is an investment that helps you avoid costly repairs or buying a new car. Big Jim’s Automotive provides complete car maintenance and auto repair for your vehicle. Schedule a check-up with one of our ASE-certified mechanics today.


Why Your Car Needs Maintenance This Spring

Minnesota winters can be brutal on any vehicle. High winds, freezing temperatures, and mass precipitation can affect how well your car performs on the road. A full check up combined with comprehensive car maintenance will ensure that your vehicle stays on the road this upcoming spring and summer. Maintenance will save you money on expensive repairs and keep your car running in top condition.


Car Maintenance Services We Provide


Oil Change. We replace the oil that keeps your engine’s metal parts moving. Oil changes should be performed by a Big Jim’s Auto mechanic as outlined in your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.


Spark Plugs. Worn or bad spark plugs can result in difficulty starting your car, slow acceleration, or poorer fuel economy than normal. We can check and replace your spark plugs to prevent damage to other systems in your car.


Air Filters. Changing the air filter prevents contaminants from clogging up the system. It’s important to change the air filter routinely for your engine’s overall health and performance.


Tire Rotation. You can get greater longevity out of your tires by rotating them on schedule. Tire rotation is a relatively quick job and can be done alongside other maintenance services.


Keep Your Car on a Maintenance Schedule

Every make and model of vehicle is designed to be maintained on schedule. Routine maintenance ensures that all the fluids are changed or refilled as needed and that parts are replaced before they wear down completely. Check your owner’s manual or speak with one of our car mechanics to find out more about your car’s maintenance schedule. We can help keep you up to date with the latest maintenance needs.


Big Jim’s Automotive Provides Complete Car Maintenance

If it’s time to give your car a check-up, bring it by Big Jim’s Automotive. We provide complete auto repair service for car owners in the Cedar Rapids metro area. We work commercial and personal cars, trucks, and SUVs. You can depend on us for fast service, affordable rates, and work of the highest quality. To schedule maintenance, contact us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.