Although you may know the importance of car maintenance, you may not realize what happens under the hood when you neglect your vehicle over lengthy periods. Although many drivers don’t take their car in for maintenance until they hear or see a problem, you can get ahead of the curve with routine preventative maintenance. Otherwise, here’s what you can expect if you continue to neglect your car’s engine.


1. Sludge Buildup

Your engine relies on oil, gasoline, coolant, and other fluids to keep it performing in top condition. All of these fluids have residue that builds up over time. If you don’t bring your car into our service center for an oil change or a coolant flush, the residue will make the engine dirty. Thus, it has to work harder to continue to perform at optimal levels. The result is costly engine repair or replacement of engine parts.


2. Oil & Lubricant Loss

As oil gets dirty, it becomes increasingly difficult to lubricate the engine. It will lose viscosity as the engine heats up. Additives in oil such as dispersants, detergents, friction-reducers, and rust-fighters will wear out. When this happens, the oil can’t lubricate properly. We can change the oil in your car according to the maintenance schedule outlined in the owner manual. Fresh oil will keep the engine lubricated so that it doesn’t overheat.


3. Engine Break Down

Although engines can take a lot of abuse, they can also break down if you don’t maintain them. For this reason, you should bring your car to Big Jim’s Automotive for a complete inspection and maintenance. We can evaluate your engine, replace any parts and address small issues before they turn into significant problems. You will get longer life out of the engine and be able to depend on it when you need it the most.


4. Leaks

Your car’s engine is a complex makeup of numerous parts that all come together to perform a single function: keep your car on the road. The parts are sealed together tightly to avoid leaks. The seals will wear out with ongoing use. Once the seals wear out, leaks will occur in the system. You may notice small drops of oil on your driveway. This is a sign that a seal has broken. Things will only get worse if you neglect the problem.


Complete Engine Maintenance from Big Jim’s Automotive

To keep your engine running smoothly, bring your car to Big Jim’s Automotive. We specialize in engine repair, brake repair, auto AC repair, and general car maintenance. You can also count on us for professional towing service. We work on personal and commercial vehicles for owners in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area. To schedule engine maintenance, call us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.