What is underneath the hood of a modern vehicle is a twisted network of complex components that somehow all miraculously work together to keep your car moving. Due to the complexity of today’s auto parts and systems, you should leave car maintenance up to the professionals. Big Jim’s Automotive technicians are ASE certified and have extensive experience working on all types of vehicles. Before you starting working on your car, bring it to our auto repair center for the following maintenance:


Check Engine Light

Check engine codes are vague and require more sophisticated equipment to determine why the light came on. A check engine light could indicate that the gas cap is loose, or it could be telling you that the engine is in a dangerous condition. Rather than ignore it or try to fix it yourself, we can hook the computer up to our equipment to correctly diagnose the problem.


Rotating the Tires

Our Big Jim’s Automotive technicians utilize specialized equipment that allows us to rotate tires with absolute precision. In addition to tire rotation, we also have to balance the tires and check for uneven wear and tear on the treads. This type of maintenance takes a trained eye and expensive, industry-level equipment. If you try to rotate the tires yourself, you’re likely to make your car more dangerous to drive.


Air Conditioning Refill

A can of freon will not help you identify or solve a problematic climate control system. The AC is a sealed system. If it is low on freon, there’s probably a leak. Putting more freon won’t solve the problem. We can inspect your entire AC system to perform any auto AC repair as well as making sure the right amount of compressor lube is in the system.


Internal Engine Repair

Modern engines have tight tolerances. They require specific fastener torque on the nuts and bolts. Also, electronics, fuel injection, multiple cams, and new tech have taken engine repair difficulty from ground level to the top floor. No matter how much experience you have with engines, only ASE-certified mechanics from Big Jim’s Automotive should attempt to engage in engine repair.


Suspension Repairs

Suspension adjustment is one of the most challenging types of car maintenance. The suspension keeps your car balanced and keep the tires moving straightforward. A skilled mechanic must adjust the suspension according to manufacturer alignment specs. Otherwise, the vehicle is not safe to drive. If you adjust the suspension incorrectly, you’ll shorten the life of your tires by up to half.


Big Jim’s Automotive is Your Auto Repair Authority

Big Jim’s Automotive is Cedar Rapids, Iowa preferred auto repair service center. We specialize in engine repair, brake repair, towing service, auto AC repair, and standard car maintenance. Our mechanics are ASE-certified and have decades of combined industry experience. We service both foreign and domestic vehicles. To schedule a repair or inspection, contact us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.