If you have a European car, you may find repairing any damage or updating your car will be a bit more of a challenge than with any other type of car. European cars may cost more in maintenance as parts need to be located and shipped from a variety of places. If this is your first time owning a European vehicle, you may find yourself wondering where you should bring it. Here are a few reasons why you should bring your vehicle to an experienced mechanic!


Complex Design

One of the major differences with European vehicles from American or Japanese made vehicles is that European cars are designed focused on performance and contain parts that aren’t always used in the United States. As such, many European cars are complicated to work on. You may have to remove many different parts or components to access the part that needs a repaired while in American made vehicles the parts may be more easily accessible. Hiring a trained mechanic, experienced in fixing European vehicles is going to be very important in maintaining the integrity of the vehicle, and its performance.


Locating Parts

The other benefit to hiring a mechanic with experience repairing European cars is that someone with experience knows how to get their hands on the European parts needed to fix your vehicle. This is not always an easy task. European car parts are harder to come by in the United States. With the experience of reaching out to global manufactures or other shops, experienced mechanics can get the parts needed efficiently, helping you get back out on the road sooner.


All Repairs, Big & Small

Finding a mechanic that can take on even the smallest project for your European-made car can be a challenge, but at Big Jim’s Automotive we do it all. We take great pride in our knowledge of European vehicles and tracking down just the right pieces you need to get your vehicle back in working order. Transparency is our best policy, and we are happy to take a look at your vehicle to help you make the right decision for your vehicles maintenance or repair.


With over 30-years of experience we at Big Jim’s look forwarding to helping you with all of your vehicle’s needs when the time comes. Remember, it’s important to stay ahead of the game, if you think something’s wrong with your vehicle have it checked out! Give us a call at 319-261-0999 or visit us online.