Although your car is set to a specific maintenance schedule, you should get the wheels aligned according to how well it drives. If you notice that the vehicle is operating correctly, then it could be that the wheels are unaligned. You can bring your car into our auto service center, and one of our ASE certified car mechanics can diagnose the alignment. Below are some common signs that you need an adjustment. If you have any further questions, you can call us today, and we can help you out.


Uneven Tire Wear

One of the most glaring signs that your car is misaligned is uneven wear on the tires. You may notice that one side is far more worn than the other. When you bring the car to our garage, we can check the treads and identify some misalignment issues.


Your Car Veers in One Direction

Cars with misaligned wheels will usually pull to one side or the other. Veering often happens when you are accelerating or putting on the brakes to slow down. You may also notice it at high speeds above 50 mph. When we diagnose this problem, we usually to see if the tires have enough air in them. If so, the wheels are probably misaligned.


Slight Pulling to One Side

While slight pulling is less noticeable than heavy veering, it can be an early warning sign that the wheels are losing alignment. Here’s something you can do: Find a vacant parking lot that is perpendicular to the sidewalk. Drive slowly in a straight line into the parking space. If you notice the car on one side of the area or the other when you put it into the parking position, the wheels are not lining up. We recommend that you bring it to our service center.


The Steering Wheel is Vibrating

It’s a bit more challenging to figure out what is causing your steering wheel to vibrate. It could be that the automobile has unbalanced tires or needs brake repair. If the tires are pulling in opposite directions of each other, however, then this misalignment can also cause the steering wheel to vibrate. The only way to tell is a Big Jim’s Auto car mechanic to inspect the brakes and look at the tires.


The Steering Wheel is Off-Center

The steering wheel should always be at the center position when you are driving in a straight line. If not, then the uneven wheels are causing you to reposition the steering wheel to compensate for the misalignment. If so, it’s worth your time to get this problem fixed. Remember, vehicle problems only get worse with time. The sooner you bring your car to us, the less expensive and time consuming it will be to realign the tires.


Big Jim’s Automotive Offers Wheel Alignment

If you think you’re having problems with your car’s tires, bring it to Big Jim’s Automotive. We specialize in wheel alignment, tire mount and balancing, brake repair, and all other wheel-related issues. We service both personal and commercial vehicles in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. To schedule a repair or get an estimate, contact us at 319-261-0999, or you can message us on our contact page.