There are dozens of automotive batteries on the market today. Auto services that either sell, recharge, or replace batteries make all sorts of claims on how great their batteries are. Recognizing a quality battery is easier than you think, however, and you don’t always need experts to tell you what the best battery is out there. Big Jim’s automotive specializes in auto repair. We can help you choose the right battery for your car by giving you these helpful tips below. If you have any questions further questions, you can contact our car maintenance service center.


1. A Solid Warranty

Most battery manufacturers offer a three-year replacement warranty. Some companies offer warranties of up to five or six years. You should avoid any batteries that do not come with at least a three-year warranty. You should also look for prorated refunds on defective batteries.


2. High Reserve Capacity

A quality battery should come with enough juice to stay charged when your car is not running. If you accidentally leave your lights on, you will be able to depend on the battery to keep enough power in reserve so that you can turn the car on when you return.


3. Cold Cranking Amps

Cold-cranking amps indicate how much power an automotive battery can produce in cold climates such as Iowa. Cold-cranking amps give a battery the ability to start in below-freezing temperatures so that you don’t have to crank the car repeatedly. We provide batteries that provide high amp capacity with a stronger performance.


4. Longer Lifespan

Look for batteries that have longer lifespans. You may pay a little more, but it’s worth it. Manufacturers make lots of claims when it comes to how long their batteries will last - some up to ten years. Our ASE certified car mechanics can give you accurate information on the types of batteries we offer and how long you can expect them to last.


5. Maintenance Free Design

What we mean by ‘maintenance free’ is that you don’t have to top off your battery with distilled water. Some batteries do not give you the option to refill the cell with water. If you purchase a high-end battery, you should have to perform this function anyway. A well-battery needs zero maintenance.


6. A Handy Handle

A dependable automotive battery will always come with a handle so that you can remove it from the car without gripping the sides. If you get a battery without a handle, we can remove it for you when you visit our auto repair service center.


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