Are you stuck on the side of the interstate and need a tow? Contact Big Jim’s Automotive in Cedar Rapids. We can pick you up and take your car anywhere you want to go. We provide full service for all recreational and commercial vehicles. We hope your experience with us goes smoothly from the time we arrive until we drop your car off. To make your towing experience hassle-free we recommend following these helpful guidelines. 


Call the Insurance Company

Before you call us, call your insurance company first. If you added towing service to your insurance policy, then the provider will cover the cost. You’ll have to pay the tow up front, but they’ll reimburse you for the expense. Big Jim’s Auto works with insurance companies all the time. Our towing service should be listed with your insurance company. If not, you can request it.


Ask for an Estimate

We are happy to give you an estimate of how much the tow will be. Different companies use different methods for estimating towing costs. We’re no different. We have our system. So feel free to ask us about our estimate and our pricing guide. We’re happy to discuss mileage, forms of payment, towing services offered, and answer any of your questions.


Ask About Towing Method

We have a specific towing method for every vehicle we tow. For instance, if you need us to pull an RV, we have a particular way of hauling it so that it’s not damaged. The same goes for towing motorcycles, standard cars, trucks, and commercial transports. We handle each vehicle based on what type of car it is and what kind of towing equipment it requires.


Destination Arrangements

We need to know where you want your car towed before we head your way. If there is no damage to the vehicle from a collision, then we can pull it to our service center to find out what how we need to repair it. We offer a wide range of auto repair services including engine repair, brake repair, auto AC repair, and standard car maintenance. We can also tow it to just about any other destination in the Cedar Rapids area.


Ask for a Receipt

When the job is over, we will hand you a receipt that outlines the details of the towing service we provided. Keep the receipt for your records. A receipt is also essential for giving to your insurance company as verification. In many cases, insurance companies will call us to verify the tow. This isn’t always the case, however, and having our receipt will provide the proof you need.


Big Jim’s Provides Dependable Towing Service

When you call Big Jim’s Automotive, you can count on fast, efficient service no matter where you are in Cedar Rapids. We provide affordable rates, friendly service, and professional towing without damaging your vehicle. Take our number and add it to your contact list on your smartphone, 319-261-0999. You never know when you’ll need us!