Although many fuel injection systems improve a car’s performance, you may not know exactly how they work or why you need to bring them to Big Jim’s Auto for a cleaning. Below we provide a brief description of the system and why you need to have it periodically cleaned.


What is a Fuel Injection System?

An injector delivers a given amount of fuel into an automotive engine. Although an engine’s carburetor can allow fuel into an engine, an injector ensures that this occurs so that the car will keep running smoothly. This is why injectors have replaced carburetors in most vehicles. Rather than operating on suction like a carburetor, a fuel injector atomizes the fuel through a small nozzle. This automation drives the fuel into the stream and keeps the engine powered. We install, repair, and replace old injectors with new ones as needed.


How Do Fuel Injectors Get Clogged?

Like any other component of your car, fuel injectors need maintenance and cleaning. The system can dirty for any number of reasons. A few of the most common are as follows:


●        The constant flow of gasoline can cause a fuel injector to clog up. The reason for this is the combination of hydrocarbons that leave deposits in the system.

●        City pollution can also cause dirt and dust to get into the fuel network. If so, this type of dirt and grime and buildup in the injector and inhibit the free flow of gasoline.

●        In older vehicles, rust buildup is common. Rust can cause both leaks and deterioration of the injector.

●        Ethanol, surprisingly causes sludge to pile on top of itself over time. Although ethanol is a great alternative to traditional gasoline, it can wreak havoc on the fuel line.


Symptoms of a Dirty Fuel Injector

Dirty fuel injectors will often give clear indications that they are too clogged to operate efficiently. We have discovered some of these symptoms of a dirty injector include the following:


●        Car won’t start

●        Poor Idling

●        Failing to pass an emissions test

●        Engine never reaches its full RPM

●        Poor fuel efficiency

●        Smoke from the tail pipe

●        The engine seems to ‘skip a beat

●        Poor engine performance


What to Do if Your Injector is Clogged

If you discover any of the symptoms above, then bring your car to Big Jim’s Automotive. We can provide a complete inspection of your car’s fuel injection system and make the necessary adjustment. We can clean out the injector and also look for any other issues. Come by our service center or call us at 319-261-0999.